Chat Anonymously with Your
Short-Term Relationship

Need to chat with a new partner but do not want him/her to trace to your actual profile?
Need to avoid family or close friends finding out your chat message?


The ideal chat app specifically designed for short-term, or uncertain relationship

No Signup

You can send anonymous messages and none of these can trace back to your phone, email or any online profile.

No Installation

Nobody can spy your phone for suspicious chatting app because Wopu is just a web app which you can close & forget about it.

No Hidden Fees

It is free to use Wopu. We won't share your personal data with others because we don't even have your profile.

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Equipped with modern chatting app features, and MORE

Build for Privacy

Chatting on Wopu is done anonymously. Messages will be deleted regularly to clear any potential trace that you've left. You can even delete your messages from your friends' devices at any time.

Industry Standard Security

Wopu not even keeps your chats anonymously, it goes further to encrypt all your messages, reassuring you of a safe and secure anonymous chatting environment.

Rich Content

Besides regular texting, you can express your feelings with a library of emojis in Wopu. Even better, you can capture and upload an unlimited amount of photos to share with your friends anonymously.

Easy to Use

Wopu is packed with designs and chat features like other popular chat apps. Including message status, notification, and more. You'll know how it works on your first try.

How it Works?

  • Open your browser (Recommended Chrome)
  • Goto to create a private chat room
  • Share either the QR code/chat ID/chat link to the person you want to chat
  • Start sending anonymous message safely!
  • (Optional) Recommended to Add to Home when prompt, for best user experience

Who Are We & Why Its Free?

Wopu is powered by and a team of talents from different technology companies. We strive to provide a free alternative to address the privacy issues of technology giants like WhatsApp, Messenger, and others. Our goal is to have an app that allows users to use it without leaving any trace online. No registration with contact, no installation, and completely anonymous. If more people love using Wopu, we might bring more premium features for enthusiastic users to keep the project self-sustainable.

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